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  1. A

    Arid zone

  2. A

    Trees and rocks

  3. A

    Black footed rock wallaby

  4. A


  5. A

    River red gums

  6. A

    My World: Kangaroo

    A kangaroo
  7. Tom dinning

    Some rain at last but it’s not over yet.

  8. Murray Foote

    Australia Burning

    This is the new Parliament House in Canberra last Sunday morning, on a day when Canberra was measured to have the worst air quality of any city in the world due to smoke from the massive fires to our east on the south coast of New South Wales and also fires about fifty kilometres to our west...
  9. Tom dinning

    Continental Barbeque.

  10. Tom dinning

    Would you?

  11. Tom dinning

    Robert McFarlane

    Watching Robert McFarlane: The Still Point in iview https://iview.abc.net.au/show/robert-mcfarlane-the-still-point I don’t know if this will be available outside Australia. If it’s not you might like to look up Robert McFarlane. If it is you’ll get a good idea of my background, culture and mentor.