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bald eagle in a tree

  1. Jim Olson

    Out for a drive today and got this eagle

  2. Jim Olson

    I heard a couple of eagles from my yard

    This shot was taken of the two eagles as I leaned on the trunk of my car One eagle flew away and I'm still shooting from my driveway leaning on my car This one I walked across the street
  3. Jim Olson

    Another great day out with my wife.

    Unfortunately, the eagle was up in a tree that was on a cliff above us.
  4. Jim Olson

    I just happen to see this eagle flying in front of me.

    I was taking a picture of Sequim Bay and I saw an eagle flying. It landed in a tree about 500 feet to the right of me so I jumped back in the car and this is about all I could get before it flew away.
  5. Jim Olson

    I have seen 3 eagles in the last two days but...

    this is the only image I got and it was to far away This was zoomed all the way out. Same bird and same tree.
  6. Jim Olson

    Eagle eye does it again...

    I can't believe it but my wife did it again. She saw this eagle land in the trees across the street right out our living room window.. We hadn't even had our 1st cup of coffee, and she says "Get your camera, there's an eagle right across the street." I also sharpen the image on-line. But it...
  7. Jim Olson

    Challenge for Pictures in a Series: Motif or Concept CALL TO EDIT AN EAGLE PICTURE! : Download the RAW FILES from we transfer.com link below

    I was really lucky yesterday, because I wanted to get some shots of an eagle with my new Canon 100-400mm & I found one. But I'm not sure about the editing. I like them darker but Will says I should lighten them up more. This first one is just the JPG from my camera. The next one is almost...