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  1. P

    Red-headed Barbet

  2. P

    Rufous-gaped Hillstar

  3. P

    Colombia Endemic

    Multicolored Tanager
  4. P

    Azara's Spinetail

  5. P

    White-sided Flowerpiercer

    Feeding from Fuchsia magellanica
  6. P

    Striated Heron

  7. P

    Roadside Hawk

    That really is it's name.
  8. M

    My World: Encounter at Nymphenburg Palace

    Jäger im Park
  9. P

    Pied-billed Grebe

    A non-breeding adult
  10. P

    Red-headed Barbet

  11. P

    Green Jay

    In Colombia
  12. P

    White-sided Flowerpiercer Female

    With Columnea anisophylla
  13. P

    Crimson-rumped Toucanet

    With Aphelandra tetragona
  14. P

    Old Favorite

    Red-headed Barbet
  15. P

    Black-faced Antbird

  16. P

    Bronzy Jacamar

  17. P

    Acorn Woodpecker

    Also seen in the western US
  18. P

    Flame-pumped Tanager

  19. P

    Female Red-headed Barbet

  20. P

    Acorn Woodpecker

    Common in the US West and common here too.