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  1. P

    Crimson-rumped Toucanet

    Showing crimson rump
  2. P

    Muulticolored Tanager

    A Colombia endemic
  3. P

    Plain Indeed

    A female Plain Antvireo
  4. P

    Andian Motmot

    Common endemic hereabouts.
  5. P

    Neotropical Cormorant

    At Laguna de Sonso, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
  6. Tom dinning

    Saving wildlife.

    On a small scale it’s easier to save one tiny bird than the whole flock. This one, on its first flight, landed in the bird bath and was drowning when Christine spotted it. I swam out and dragged it in, gave it mouth to beak resus and took it onto dry land for a beer. Mother bird called by...
  7. P

    Golden-crowned Flycatcher

    There is a golden crown patch but usually concealed.
  8. P

    Eared Jacamar

  9. James Lemon

    Eurasian Dove

    Sorry about the shadows but its the best I could do.
  10. James Lemon

    Tree Sparrow

  11. James Lemon

    Serious Bird

  12. P

    Morning Walk

    An Andean Motmot
  13. P

    Feeding Family Of Five

    Colombian Chachalaca family. Two adults, three chicks and going through bananas like crazy.
  14. P

    Morning's Motmot

    Colombian endemic with bromeliad. Appears to have been mucking about.