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  1. Will Thompson

    Just a couple of flowers

  2. Will Thompson

    Flower Power!

    Antique tractors at The Flower Fields Carlsbad, California USA. 3 stop Canon EOS 5Ds HDR.
  3. Will Thompson

    Surgery on Jim’s EOS 7DII

    Replacement of the front control wheel, shutter switch, & mf button assembly. THE PART: WHERE IT GOES: The surgery was successful!
  4. Will Thompson

    Post your greatest blurry photos!

    Here’s mine!
  5. Will Thompson

    Portrait in unnatural light!

  6. Will Thompson

    A few from today’s Fashion shoot.

  7. Will Thompson

    Macro Macro and more Macro!

  8. P

    News: CIPA: Less than 7 million cameras have shipped from Jan-Oct 2020

    https://www.dpreview.com/news/5597577347/cipa-s-october-report-shows-camera-market-has-mostly-recovered-from-its-covid-19-downturn And I personally expect November-December 2020 to not ship more than 2 million digital still cameras (DSC). A grand total of less than 9 million DSC shipped...
  9. Will Thompson

    An open letter to Canon!

    How do you turn off live view shooting on the EOS R5 Not to be confused with switching between the EVF and rear LCD! Where the rear LCD is never used as a viewfinder and only used for menus and playback! Where the EVF is always used as the viewfinder and never used for menus and playback...
  10. J

    Astro adaptor or manufacturer convertor

    I have a Skywatcher telescope with a Nixon adapter. I now want to use a Canon on the telescope. Do I buy an adapter for Canon for the telescope or a convertor so I can use my Nikon 2x convertor with the Canon?
  11. Will Thompson

    Rhino Rumble!

  12. Will Thompson


  13. Will Thompson

    Using a RF 35mm f1.8 macro as a portrait lens on R body’s good or bad?

    Is using a RF 35mm f1.8 macro as a portrait lens on R body’s a good or bad idea? I use the macro because it works correctly with out an adapter with my ML-3/200 200 WS ring light. Here’s an example where my 50mm was at the very edge of being not wide enough for daylight fill and needing to be...
  14. Will Thompson

    A Model from today’s shoot!

    With Canon EOS 5Ds, EF 50mm f2.5 macro, & my RingLight.
  15. Will Thompson

    Technical Question How was this done, before and after lens refurbished in same photograph?

    The same lens in a single photograph before and after refurbishing it! You tell me how?