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  1. L

    Canon 70-200mm trouble

    Hello. I purchased a used Canon 70-200mm L lens last year to photograph local sports. This lens is famously popular and there are numerous beautiful photos online showing off its abilities so I thought I was incredibly lucky to find this on Craigslist for $900. However, I'm unhappy with my...
  2. T

    In Perspective, Fun: Spamming ad deleted!

    Advertising. This has appeared in scores if not hundred of other websites simultaneously. Deleted!
  3. B

    Lens Micro-Adjustment - Review/ tutorial

    I just put together a short review of various methods of camera/lens micro-adjustment. All of these methods have been written about on the net. What I tried to do is put them all together in one blog post. http://www.bobkeenanphoto.com/blog/ This article is more for people who have never done...
  4. H

    Canon 1Ds

    For sale: Canon 1-Ds in excellent condition. Just sent to the factory for complete refurbish and clean-up. $1,500. Located in San Diego or Phoenix.
  5. A

    Need A.R.S. on this portrait

    Hello Friends, Can I have a couple of members chime in on this portrait. Like everyone here, I hope, I desire to improve my craft so please try to go beyond "Nice" or "Good. How is the lighting, posing, distance and height of subject? Clothing in relationship to background? Ratio of lighting...
  6. S

    Some new speedlite and PLM shots

    hi all, I have been putting together a rather complete speedlite kit (3 kits, 9-11 lights/battery packs, and TT5's with softboxes, grids, snoots, fresnels, grip gear, stands, and other accessories all in a small rolling case, each case one third the size and 1/4th the weight of my previous 2...
  7. S

    News: New CPN Issue

    A new Canon Professional Network (CPN) Newsletter was released. http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/newsletter/newsletter_online.do
  8. S

    1Ds mkIII Odd behavior (to me that is)

    Hello everyone (as if you are all reading this - :-) Am I being dim or what. I have just taken delivery of the above camera having moved from 1Ds mkII.. Am I doing something wrong? Why does the thumb wheel keep not working on the menu and exposure compensation? I leave it for a while and it...