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  1. Chris Calohan

    f/Stop Photo Competition

    While it may not bring a smile to your faces, though I hope it will, it made me happy last night to take Best of Show and a second place in Landscape. As well, I got a great Purchase Prize Award. Best of Show Second Place - Landscape Purchase Prize Award
  2. Chris Calohan

    A Little Bit of Sunshine, a Little Bit of Rain

    Over St Marks NWR, NW, Florida the Second shot is a detail of the rain
  3. Chris Calohan

    The Next Morning

  4. Chris Calohan

    A Rainy Night in Florida

  5. Chris Calohan

    After the Sun Sets B&W

  6. M

    The first sunsh-t of 2021…

    Yes, I said “sunsh-t” because this is a sorry mess. Welcome to the new year! May you find an unspoiled landscape to photograph. This was in the LA area.
  7. M

    Winter window sunsets

    A few views out the window this week. Don't know what I’d do without this western view during lockdown!
  8. M

    Geometric Chicken-Foot Sunset

    The tree trimmers came by earlier in the week and improved my west-facing LA-area lockdown peephole view of the world. Thursday evening, I peeked out to catch the sunset and was greeted with some large chicken foot and other geometric shapes. I think there’s a sunset buried in here somewhere...
  9. Chris Calohan


  10. Chris Calohan

    It Was a Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

  11. Chris Calohan

    But Clouds got in My Way

    Still learning the nuances of my MIOPS Lightning Trigger, not that it would have made much more of a shot given the cloud cover.
  12. Chris Calohan

    Clouds Afire

  13. J

    My World: Southern Utah Panoramas

    Six exposure panorama: top 3 were exposed for the sky, bottom 3 for shadow, did a few of the middle shot. I first made a sky pano, then shadow pano, then blended them with manual masking in the middle. Burr Trail Sunset