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composing with reflections

  1. Kevin Pinkerton


    I had some fun yesterday playing with the aperture and focus of a new (to me lens). I took photos of reflections on puddles, streams and a pond and had a very, very difficult time choosing which ones to share. Both of these images are 100% water reflections that have been rotated 180 degrees to...
  2. Kevin Pinkerton

    Fairies and infrared

    This is an infrared photograph I took of a small pond on my farm. I love taking photos of this pond, especially in IR. This photo has flipped vertically in the center (or perhaps you could say it was rotated 180 degrees). The upper half of this image as shown here is all a reflection off of the...
  3. Chris Calohan

    Looking In to Look Out

  4. Asher Kelman

    Street Color Bright Composites: a reflection layer + the street!

    I am a window watcher of the street. I like how passers by line cup with a window display, or folk in a restaurant or beauty salon fare in the street. Asher Kelman: “Golden Shoes” You are invited to make your own layered shots this way and share them! Asher