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  1. Kevin Pinkerton

    Donkey Photography :)

    I am rather consumed with my donkeys and have taken many photos of them over the years. Hence my watermark "Donkey Photographer". Here is a recent photo of one of my jennies. She came from a rescue and was pregnant when I got her (but I did not know it at the time). So now I have her son too (he...
  2. Kevin Pinkerton

    IR of my farm

    I am going to see how cumbersome using a link to a FB photo is with this post. The photo is public and from my FB page. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1001794433526905&set=a.103933096646381&type=3&theater
  3. Tom dinning


    More like a walking factory than an animal. Feed them, shear them, eat them, breed them. Start again. Give them a gap in the fence and they’re off like crows on an iron roof. And as thick as two short planks.