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  1. John Miller

    Local Female Model

    A amateur model poses on the stairs at the old La Placita Village in downtown area, a wonderful model too.
  2. John Miller

    Local Female Model

    Here's a image from an outdoor location model photoshoot. It's actually in a tunnel under a highway. I used Canon gear with Norman 200B as a little fill light. M John
  3. John Miller

    Fashion Headshot

    Here's a model headshot from a fashion photoshoot I did a few years in a rented photo studio. Equipment: Canon 1D Mark ll with a Canon 70-200 f2.8 on a tripod using Norman studio strobes. Thanks for looking!
  4. James Lemon

    Name and Number

  5. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Female Kingfisher

    Female Kingfisher speared fish. Don
  6. James Lemon


  7. James Lemon


  8. James Lemon


  9. James Lemon

    Up Cycle

  10. James Lemon


  11. James Lemon

    Stop for Coffee

  12. James Lemon


  13. A

    A Lovely Young Model in H&S

    Hello Folks, Hope everyone reading on is well... I captured this image while attempting to light the model with butterfly lighting. She is a very pretty gal with great cheek bones which I felt would benefit from this lighting pattern. What are your opinions?