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fine art photography

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    Have you got 5 minutes ?

    Let's just say the last year has not been my best. Without going into it, I have just not done as much photography as I would have liked. But I wanted to share what I've done in the last year or so, so I made a video. It is still life images, not many blossoms, as that will be in another video...
  2. A

    “Is there such a thing as “Professional standards” in Fine Art photography?

    As a student photographer interested in fine art photography my current assignment has me researching professional standards inherent to fine art photography. It is my opinion that there are no professional standards, at least in the creation of fine art print, for a number of different reasons...
  3. M

    Moments of Frailty

    This is a video I created last fall. Still waiting for spring to arrive here. As late as it is, we still have no green leaves on our trees. Everything is late, so I thought I'd share this video. I would recommend it be watched with a bigger and higher resolution. Easy to do, simple choose...
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    I'm currently doing a series of images with leaves. Hope you enjoy them as I will update this thread with more of them. :-)