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This is a video I created last fall. Still waiting for spring to arrive here. As late as it is, we still have no green leaves on our trees. Everything is late, so I thought I'd share
this video.

I would recommend it be watched with a bigger and higher resolution. Easy to do, simple choose the settings gear in the bottom right-hand
side of the video.

I hope you enjoy.

Jerome Marot

Well-known member
I like the pictures. I wonder who is Jan Pettersen. I had a look at the "Treasure box", then tried your websites. I cannot "subscribe", because I don't use a google account. Then, I found this video you made 5 years ago for Cem.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Maggie this is so elegant, fine and esthetically rejuvenating to my heart today. What a delightful treasure on my birthday!

I am moved by the femininity you add to already complete designs and make images that are so plush with plenty and I mean, abondanza!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The transitions from one still to another with slow sweeping movements and enlargement invite us in and ignite our eagerness for the reveal of even more intricate or smoothly evolved beauty.

I couldn’t expect to find better in a major exhibition or international art show!


Hi Jerome,
Thank you. Jan is my friend from Sweden. He makes all the music for my videos which I've been making for several years now. . I'm glad you found the one for Cem. It's alright that you cannot subscribe, it's very nice
for you to comment here. I made the video for Cem as a thank you for an interview I was doing with him, but I fell ill and never completed the interview, but glad that I made the video from back
then. His photos are amazing. And although the video is several years old, I still like looking at them. :) Maggie
So very kind of you to say, Asher. I can be stubborn sometimes as I like doing my images my way, and don't easily
change them to please others. I, of course, am happy when they like them, but doubt I'd ever have a major
exhibition or show. I have the possibility here where I live but to do a solo show but it is expensive and what they
pay would not cover what it costs to get everything printed and set up to hang. I've done some shows but
always with other people.

Most of all, thank you for taking the time to watch the show and enjoy it. :)

Again, Happy Birthday!
Oh, Jerome, I just re-read that you watched "The Treasure Box" which is a poem I wrote several years ago, so I made this, the graphics are
made by me and I am the one reading too. :)

Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member

omg just so damn awesome and real!! The music fits so well. Your theme translates to every living thing on this planet.. I did tear! Really hard for me.. no words!
Sorry folks about not quoting, I was not paying attention and hit the quote link without realizing that it was to take the
quote off... and reply adds the quote. So silly of me; but slowly I learn