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  1. Robert Watcher

    Macro photography of window sill succulents

    My wife Anne’s Instagram picture of her little flower grouping this morning, got me inspired to take a few macro shots of those new flowers that she noticed on her window sill succulents. Until I went out and had a look, I did not realize how small the flowers are. They are no more than 1/4...
  2. Asher Kelman

    Challenge for Pictures in a Series: Motif or Concept Portraits of Nature’s Flowers

    Will Thompson: “Two Roses” Canon 5DIV, EF 50mm F 2.5 Macro I found this on my iPhone and realized it would be superb for starting a thread on outstanding flower portraits. It has no exif and I had no recall of that picture. Well it appears that it’s from a camera I don’t own, LOL and Will...
  3. Antonio Correia

    Flowers in the garden

  4. Asher Kelman

    In Perspective, Fun: Flowers in Vases

    We have less visitors but more flowers! Asher Kelman: Summer 2021 Asher
  5. Asher Kelman

    Found Fantasy in Flowers

  6. Robert Watcher

    COVID-19 —- We are under lockdown but allowed to get needed exercise.

    Ontario is under lockdown orders, but are allowed to get needed exercise. Anne and I stayed safe and found an isolated area along the lake, an hour and a half from our home. I took my camera with me. There was are area with some garden ornaments and different flowers. I put the 75-300mm lens on...
  7. S

    Van Vleck House & Gardens

    when one thinks of New Jersey there can be mixed ideas and feelings. it is known as "The Garden State" and for good reason. it has a fairly large amount of actual beautiful gardens around that are available to spend time in and enjoy. Van Vleck is one of those wonderful "islands" in the current...
  8. Will Thompson

    Just a couple of flowers

  9. Will Thompson

    Weeds Weeds Weeds, post your backyard weed photos as if they’re flowers!

    My Weed!
  10. Jerome Marot

    Some flowers

    I don't have the talent of Dr Klaus Schmitt, but I was curious to try UV photography. The first thing, I understood, was to check whether the typical UV pattern would appear on flowers: Apparently, it does. These flowers are a cultivar of phlox subulata growing on my balcony.
  11. Will Thompson

    Random backyard flowers (macro)

    Shot with the EF-S 35mm f/2.8L Macro IS STM, EOS 7D MK II, ML3/200 watt second on a Godox AD200PRO
  12. Robert Watcher

    Red on the Terrace

    Red on the Terrace - Olympus E-M10 w/14-42mm kit lens
  13. Will Thompson

    Flowers in my yard with the new RingLight

    For your enjoyment. All with EF 50mm f2.5 macro.
  14. Doug Kerr

    Still life (in them)

    2019.08.10 was Carla's 81st birthday. Each of her older two kids sent her a lovely flower arrangement. By a few days ago, many of the blooms had reached their end of useful life, but not all. Carla extracted the ones from both arrangements with a few more days in them and arranged them in a...
  15. M

    Some lovely poppies.

    I have friends that have a beautiful zen garden and for the second time this year I've gone to visit it. This last weekend, I had a helper so brought along some black and white foam core to separate some flowers from the myriad of flowers growing there. I so enjoyed my time and would like to...
  16. Tom dinning

    If it looks like art

    If it looks like art, has legs like art, then it’s art. New look on an old subject.
  17. S

    Butterfly Wings

    Butterfly Wings is from my Flora collection and was composed at the Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, SC. I saw a familiar pattern in my mind's eye upon seeing these wandering Jew petals. The Artist's Story blog post for this piece can be read here...
  18. S


    Reincarnated is from my The Beauty Within collection and was composed at Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, SC. Sometimes we have to give nature a little help. I found some gladiolus flat on the ground. They were WAY too pretty for such a sad ending, so I picked them up and supported them with a...
  19. James Lemon


  20. M

    Moments of Frailty

    This is a video I created last fall. Still waiting for spring to arrive here. As late as it is, we still have no green leaves on our trees. Everything is late, so I thought I'd share this video. I would recommend it be watched with a bigger and higher resolution. Easy to do, simple choose...