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  1. M

    Have you got 5 minutes ?

    Let's just say the last year has not been my best. Without going into it, I have just not done as much photography as I would have liked. But I wanted to share what I've done in the last year or so, so I made a video. It is still life images, not many blossoms, as that will be in another video...
  2. Per Ellström

    Selfie Wedding

    I finally found my partner, by looking inside. Nice with natural shared opinions and very few changes to an already accepted lifestyle. Music was made by another person inside me =) , Wade Birdie Johnson, and he put it on youTube.
  3. M

    Moments of Frailty

    This is a video I created last fall. Still waiting for spring to arrive here. As late as it is, we still have no green leaves on our trees. Everything is late, so I thought I'd share this video. I would recommend it be watched with a bigger and higher resolution. Easy to do, simple choose...