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  1. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Tea Candle at 250nm

    A simple try to record videos at 250nm UV-C using an amplified MCP camera setup. There are rather interesting Nitrogen lines being emitted in UV-C and UV-B especially on the hot zone at the outside and top of that candle flame, where the gases get oxidized with the Oxygen of the surrounding air...
  2. Antonio Correia

    I thought to share with you jewel

    Long video
  3. R

    Round & Round

    I bought a like-new (347 shutter count) Olympus E-M10 mkiii last night to compliment my first generation E-M10’s The features appealing to me, were the improved video (including 4K) and image stabilization that is very close to using a gimbal. I realized a few other changes that I will value as...
  4. Nicolas Claris

    Art works

    Already posted somewhere in OPF, but this is a new version including the current exhibition as well as the one by OPF GALLERY ONE at the Photo Contemporary Art Fair 2015… A film edited by @romain claris
  5. M

    Moments of Frailty

    This is a video I created last fall. Still waiting for spring to arrive here. As late as it is, we still have no green leaves on our trees. Everything is late, so I thought I'd share this video. I would recommend it be watched with a bigger and higher resolution. Easy to do, simple choose...
  6. N

    Greetings from 2BIS Photo & Video Studio, Paris France

    2BIS Photo & Video Studio welcomes you to the heart of Paris, named after our prime location on 2 Bis Rue Fallempin, walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. 2BIS has a total 40 square meters studio area with 5 meters width of white cyclorama & white floor to add a spacious and infinity effect...