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  1. M

    A simple tulip and perhaps more to come

    Anyone that knows anything about me, know I love flowers, especially tulips, which are so simple yet so elegant. Living in a small town, during a pandemic, tulips have been difficult to come by, so last fall, I planted some in my yard so I would certainly have some this spring. Things don't...
  2. nicolas claris

    Des tulipes pour Maggie (et les autres aussi !)

    En visitant une fondation artistique hier (où nous devrions exposer l'année prochaine…) une jolies brassée de tulipe rouge s'est offerte à mon iPhone, avec une pensée amicale pour @Maggie Terlecki qui adore les tulipes…
  3. Antonio Correia

    A simple shot

    A simple shot form the garden
  4. Will Thompson

    Flower Power!

    Antique tractors at The Flower Fields Carlsbad, California USA. 3 stop Canon EOS 5Ds HDR.
  5. Chris Calohan


  6. Will Thompson

    The Graveyard.

  7. Will Thompson

    This Bud’s for you!

  8. Tom dinning

    Sky, rock, flower.

    From the edge of the car park. As if by chance Today’s reward is in my hands Not missed by glance.
  9. Tom dinning

    Kniphofia reflexa

    Peaking over the fence in The Rocks, Old Sydney district.