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global warming

  1. Jerome Marot

    Self-sustained melting of permafrost

    From this article: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-75481-z An earth system model shows self-sustained melting of permafrost even if all man-made GHG emissions stop in 2020. The risk of points-of-no-return, which, once surpassed lock the world into new dynamics, have been discussed...
  2. Asher Kelman

    Administrative: Changes to OPF

    As you have no doubt noticed I am pulling together what has been true of OPF: we are passionate about life on the planet, diverse and colorful societies and the challenges we face. We express these values with our photography. I am just gathering together broad subjects that reflect who we...
  3. Asher Kelman

    Download Climate Change Report awaiting Trump's "Signature"

    CLIMATE : SHARE Read the Draft of the Climate Change Report A draft report by scientists from 13 federal agencies, which has not yet been made public but was obtained by The New York Times, concludes that Americans are feeling the effects of climate change right now. The report was completed...