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great blue heron

  1. James Lemon

    Great Blue Heron

    Despite their impressive size, Great Blue Herons weigh only 5 to 6 pounds thanks in part to their hollow bones—a feature all birds share
  2. James Lemon

    Great Blue Heron

    Great Blue Herons can hunt day and night thanks to a high percentage of rod-type photoreceptors in their eyes that improve their night vision.
  3. Jim Olson

    Birds in the hood

    I was out shooting birds again this morning :ROFLMAO:
  4. Chris Calohan

    Perch Entrée With a Salad, To Go

  5. Chris Calohan

    Great Blue Heron

  6. Chris Calohan

    The Look, The Hit, and the Meal

    This was shot as a 12 shot sequence lasting just over a second, though the hit and grab took less that 1/2000th of a second but it shows just how fast these Herons and Bitterns are when it comes to fishing.
  7. Chris Calohan

    Winner Winner Bluegill Dinner

  8. Chris Calohan

    Luke Water Walker

    Great Blue Heron
  9. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Three Amigos

    White Ibis are rare to see in Upstate S.C. so thought it was cool to get a Great Egret and GBH all in the same shot. GBH is little blurred from grasses /branches but I like the overall vibe of the picture. Don
  10. Chris Calohan