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Three Amigos

Don Ferguson Jr.

Well-known member
White Ibis are rare to see in Upstate S.C. so thought it was cool to get a Great Egret and GBH all in the same shot. GBH is little blurred from grasses /branches but I like the overall vibe of the picture.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

You say “GBH” as if it’s normal so I guess it could be something I might have seen like a heron.

Then the Ibis is a creature in Egyptian Temples and wall paintings!

This trio is a beautiful collection of the survivors of the dinosaurs who made it through the winter after the planetary hit by sone giant meteor the wiped out anything requiring much food to stay alive or larger mass to stay warm!

I wonder how far they have diverged sense that scary time.

But for sure, they look fabulous together!