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  1. Ignacio “Oscar” Molina

    Bezalu a Medieval Town

    At 150 meters of altitude, in the region of La Garrotxa, stands Besalú, one of the best-preserved medieval ensembles in Catalonia. Center of power in the inner part of this region for centuries, it was an important independent county that even had its own currency. Crossing the Besalú bridge is...
  2. Robert Watcher


    Layers. This section of wall, can tell much about the history of this house. But we all will have different imaginations and conclusions
  3. fahim mohammed

    My World: Waiting for my Flight....

    It was evening. I was early. I gazed outside the lounge window. The lights reflected of the glass. I stared at them. I was young. The afternoon sun felt blinding and hot. I must have been 13 or 14 years old. A crowd had gathered outside. My friends and I ran towards the crowd to see what was...
  4. R

    In Memoriam: A FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHER:Erwin Blumenfeld

    A FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHER Some Personal Reflections Part 1: On a Saturday afternoon with one month remaining in an Australian summer, and while waiting for two friends to arrive for a social visit, my wife and I had the pleasure of watching the doco "The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women." It was a...
  5. Murray Foote

    A Parable for Our Times?

    Landscape images can potentially make an ecological statement and help make you something of an environmental activist whether you intend that or not. You may be taking photographs of an untouched landscape and the wonder is that such places can still exist in our world. ... Or your images...
  6. M

    Just landed!

    Hello everyone! I'll spare you the convoluted journey that made me discover this place, but I'll say I'm glad I landed here. Just a short little intro: I was schooled as an artist at an Academy of Arts (two, in fact) in the Netherlands. Photography was not a major subject but I followed it...
  7. R

    “The Genius of Photography,” in 4 Parts--ABC1/BBC TV

    Did you folks see: “The Genius of Photography,” ABC1 TV/BBC-4 Parts-28/2/10-21/3/10? The series had a great deal to say about the history of photojournalism. I wrote the following, so moved was I by the series.-Ron --------------------------- SERENDIPITOUS JUXTAPOSITION During the years 1954...