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  1. Jim Olson

    Shooting in full manual mode today for the first time ever

    I saw this little hummingbird in our holly bush and had to get my camera and shoot in Manual mode. I have been wanting to try Manual mode, but just don't think I was ready until today. I also wanted to edit the RAW image with a editing program that I have been wanting to use. I use Linux OS...
  2. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Ruby - throated Hummingbird on Orange Jewelweed

    Hummer on Orange Jewelweed last day of summer. Don
  3. Jim Olson

    My day in pictures. All day to get the shot.

    I started my day off with just the camera set up looking out the window 8;15 AM No editing was done on these shots just cropped Next was 8:30 AM & the only thing that is different is I added external flash And then I waited all day for a shot. This one is okay but I just couldn't wait...
  4. Jim Olson

    Trying sports mode with my telephoto 70-210mm lens

    Canon EOS 10D f/6.7 1/1500 130.00mm ISO 400
  5. P

    Western Emerald

    Feeding from Guzmania diffusa flower.
  6. P


    Hummingbird in the rain.
  7. P

    Bronzy Inca