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lewisia cotyledon

  1. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lewisia cotylodon multispectral

    Quite warm here (27C/81F) for first week of April, so my Lewisia flowers started to bloom... So today shots of a white long blooming, perennial flower: Cliff maids - Lewisia cotyledon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewisia_cotyledon in reflected ultraviolet photography and simulated bee and...
  2. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lewisia multispectral

    Here a rare Lewisia cotylodon with white flowers in human, UV, bee and butterfly vison, which also shows this Nectat mimicry effect I wrote about earlier here.
  3. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    New scientific discovery: Nectar Mimicry!

    Took some multispectral images of Lewisia cotylodon when I noticed some highly reflective ring, especially visible in reflected UV! Talking about that with my friend Prof. (em) Klaus Lunau of Duesseldorf University, and asking him what that might be, he told me that he just has published in...
  4. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Bitterroot - Lewisia cotyledon (2nd bloom) multispectral

    Bitterroot - Lewisia cotyledon in human vision, reflected UV, simulated butterfly and bee vision (Left to right, top to bottom)
  5. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lewisia cotyledon

    Also known as Bitterroot, is a wonderful sturdy little succulent plant...
  6. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Something different - Differentials!

    I have been taking multispectral images and I remembered an older method I have used, so here it comes again with some multispecral images of Lewisia flowers. Visual: Reflected UV: Insect Vision: Differentials, Visual image minus UV/Bee/Butterfly vision, showing the difference of both:
  7. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lewisia - Cliffmaids in polarized UV

    So today about Lewisia - Cliffmaids in reflected and polarized light. Look at its petals and especially its anters! Works beautifully now! A.K.
  8. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lewisia multispectral

    Quadriptych of human vision, UV, simulated bee and butterfly vision (left to right, top to bottom): A flower quite common in Washington state...
  9. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Cliff Maids - Lewisia cotyledon multispectral