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New scientific discovery: Nectar Mimicry!

Dr Klaus Schmitt

Well-known member
Took some multispectral images of Lewisia cotylodon when I noticed some highly reflective ring, especially visible in reflected UV!


Talking about that with my friend Prof. (em) Klaus Lunau of Duesseldorf University, and asking him what that might be, he told me that he just has published
in 2020 in NATURE about this new discovery, previously unknown: Lunau, K., Ren, ZX., Fan, XQ. et al. Nectar mimicry: a new phenomenon. Sci Rep 10, 7039 (2020).

Here is what I have written about that:


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The 🌸 has to optimize its attraction to pollinators and being able to do that well before the nectar is visible or can be probed!

It’s a great adaption here to see that UV reflective ring to help bring in insects from a distance.