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multispectral photography

  1. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    New scientific discovery: Nectar Mimicry!

    Took some multispectral images of Lewisia cotylodon when I noticed some highly reflective ring, especially visible in reflected UV! Talking about that with my friend Prof. (em) Klaus Lunau of Duesseldorf University, and asking him what that might be, he told me that he just has published in...
  2. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Bitterroot - Lewisia cotyledon (2nd bloom) multispectral

    Bitterroot - Lewisia cotyledon in human vision, reflected UV, simulated butterfly and bee vision (Left to right, top to bottom)
  3. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Bidens ferulifolia (Apache baggarticks) multispectral

    Bidens ferulifolia in human vision, reflected UV, simulated bee and butterfly vision (left to right, top to bottom)
  4. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    The Lavision f2.8/85mm lens

    I got this $$$$$ lens as a loaner lens for testing and I have shown its transmission here already in comparision to other such specialized lenses: Now here the lens in use: Oncostele Wildcat 'Golden Red Star' in visible, reflected UV, simulated bee and butterfly vision It is rather sharp...
  5. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    CoastalOpt f4 60mm Apo Macro - A useful tool for multispectral work

    Had the chance to get a barely used one... Here is the official maker site JENOPTIK [who bought Coastal Optical Systems]: https://www.jenoptik.com/products/optical-systems/customized-and-standardized-objective-lenses/multispectral-objective-lenses
  6. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    A useful + affordable system for multispectral photography

    I'm always getting asked about a useful and affordable system for multispectral photography, well here it is one...
  7. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    A very useful Christmas Gift

    Bumped into some lens sale on ebay and while quickly scanning, my heart made a beat as I detected some 1:4.5/105mm Nikkor lens offered...that could not be, or could it??? Well, I decided to offer the seller a deal and he accepted, got all four lenses - so my Christmas Present this year to myself...
  8. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Lichen multispectral in closeup

    Since there was a request... Visible light, reflected UV, simulated bee and butterfly vision (left to right, top to bottom)