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medium format

  1. P

    Fuji GFX Camera FujiFILM GFX is going after Full Frame & smaller camera users

    In future I would not be surprised that FujiFILM GFX medium format bodies will hit these price points occupied by full frame bodies $4k - 2016 Canon EOS-1D X Mark II - 2021 Fujifilm GFX 50S II ($3.5k summer promo price) $3.9k - 2020 Canon EOS R5 $3.7k - 2019 Panasonic Lumix DC-S1R $3.5k...
  2. D

    Two painterly images in colour - Rolleiflex Hy6

    From an outing in the Waterberg region a few hours' drive from my home - two images where the vast majority is out of focus, concentrating on the abstract and the colours while focusing on a single detail. Perhaps a bit clichéd, but I have to say, few camera and lens combinations deliver these...
  3. Jerome Marot

    New MF cameras announced.

    Fuji has announced the new GFX 100 MF camera, basically a large GFX 50s with a 100 Mpix sensor. It also includes on-sensor PDAF and in-body stabilisation, which is a first for any MF camera. There is an ongoing review on Dpreview. Price should be around 10000 ($ or €, as it usually goes)...
  4. Jerome Marot

    Review: Hasselblad HTS 1.5

    HTS stands for Hasselblad Tilt and Shift. As the name says, it is an adapter to allow tilt and shift on the Hasselblad H system. Physically, it is a relatively clumsy contraption that attaches between your Hasselblad body (H system, not the V system that went on the moon) and lens. I said...
  5. K

    News: Leaf AFi Nears Death

    According the this British Journal of Photography article the Leaf AFi product is "on hold" in the wake of Franke & Heidecke's demise. The ongoing consolidation of the medium format sector continues.