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  1. Per Ellström

    Many versions of one guy ...

    A small gallery just opened in my suburb, and for a week an artist with detailed abstract paintings had an exhibition. So got a strange idea that he has replicas in many dimensions, and they will all come and watch the vernissage =) So i got them standing in line to the gallery, and inside...
  2. Jem Raid

    Keira Lavelle

    I took some pics of her years ago saw one of her recently on Ello which reminded me of the ones we made. I dug out the old HDD with them on, I'd quite forgoten how good she is at posing. One of those people who can fill a space either on her own or by me doing the pose and she repeating it. I...
  3. J

    Digital montage .. nude

    Hello all, I've been having a bash at the digital montage caper over the past year or so, I'm an autodidact so it sort of comes and goes, I do a pic get so far think about it and then do another one using what I have found out making the previous one. Cheers - Jim [edit] deleted original...