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  1. R

    Bright light in my window

    The moon was shining brightly into our bedroom window at 1:30 this morning. I could clearly see Jupiter to the right of the moon. Looking above and to the left of the moon, was another identifiable planet. Taking out my skytracker, I realized that was Saturn. Loaded up my camera with 70-300...
  2. R

    Simple View from my Trailer

    It‘s been too cold and cloudy every night, for taking sky shots since we returned home. Tonight was crisp, but stunning clear - with intense blue sky - the crescent moon and Venus as bright as could be to the West, tucked in behind a row of stark maple trees. It was stunning to view with our...
  3. R

    Clear Night - Moon and Venus

    Bright Moon and Venus in close proximity - low in the South Western sky tonight
  4. R

    Planet Gazing Last Night

    A fun night last night. I finally have recognized Saturn in the skies - first picture with the moon. It was so high in the sky sitting just to the right of the moon. (how I would love to have peeked through a long telescope with this clear view) Leaving the mall the night before, there was a...
  5. D

    The Lunar Realm of Divinity

    When I imagine a time before the rhyme and reason of science, before a man has taken a camera to the surface of the moon - seeing it like this perfectly explains mankind's reliance on mysticism, the holy, and the divine. The Lunar Realm of Divinity Technical: EOS 1D Mk IIN @ ISO200, EF 200mm...