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night skies

  1. Robert Watcher

    Night Skies

    looking out my window tonight, I noticed Jupiter in close proximity to the crescent moon. I headed out to my dark side road for some pics. My StarTracker app showed the planet Uranus in the vicinity as well - so I was able to identify it when viewing on my computer screen when I got home. I got...
  2. Jarmo Juntunen

    Our home galaxy

    Milky way shot at Lake Muuratjärvi Sept 9, 2023.
  3. Robert Watcher

    Fireworks technique practice tonight

    Fireworks technique practice tonight GRAND FINALE
  4. Robert Watcher

    Identifying Planets tonight

    I have never identified Mercury in the sky, so I was excited to find out that right now the Inner Planets Mars, Mercury and Venus would be visible in an arc in the evening sky and that over the next few days the sliver crescent moon will be following this arc and passing by each one of them. The...
  5. Robert Watcher

    Finally a clear night

    Finally a clear night. I couldn’t pass it by after weeks on end of heavy cloud cover. I headed to the Goderich lighthouse where I lined the North Star above it, so stars would rotate around. This exposure was 1 hour and 46 minutes long. There was no lighting on the lighthouse, so I used my...
  6. Robert Watcher

    Clear Night - Moon and Venus

    Bright Moon and Venus in close proximity - low in the South Western sky tonight
  7. Robert Watcher

    Milky Way

    A field of photography that I have never ventured into, is photographing the stars and skies at night. After spending hours and hours sitting and waiting on a couple of star trails a few nights ago to see if I could do it - and to figure out exposure timing, camera placement related to the...