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  1. Antonio Correia


    I shot this man a couple of months ago and now while reviewing some shots I have worked on this one. He was inside a mill where we bought flour to make our own bread
  2. Antonio Correia

    Why can't I keep subscribing LensWork ?

    Somehow, Portuguese Government is trying to get as much money from citizens as it can, and successfully ! The fiscal charge in this country is getting bigger and bigger, suffocating entrepreneurs whichever they are. However, money for chosen entities is always available. I have been receiving...
  3. Antonio Correia

    Portugal, Algarve, Sagres

  4. Antonio Correia

    Portugal, Algarve, Zavial Beach

  5. Antonio Correia

    Dolmen / passage grave in Vidigueira, Portugal

  6. Antonio Correia

    A7III + Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8

    On a small walk near the river I made a couple of shots to keep evaluating the results of A7III + Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 Full frame shot adjusted at taste in LR and CC So far so good. The results look a bit cooler than with the 24 GM
  7. Antonio Correia

    Iron sculpture

    Iron sculpture in Setúbal, Portugal. A too empty roundabout, I think but I like this work
  8. Antonio Correia

    Palácio de Serralves - Sintra, Portugal

    Interior view of the palace from ground level
  9. A

    View from Pico do Areeiro