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street photography

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    For Dog Lovers

    Walking along a street yesterday, an open window exposed a bedroom through the swinging blinds. The dog laying on the bed caught my eye.
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    Filling Doorways

    Wandering around the streets in Mexico yesterday. Olympus EM10 w/45mm f1.8. Wireless transfer to iPad. Processed in Snapseed.
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    Personal Parking Spot

    Tapachula, Mexico street photography - Olympus E-M10 w/14-42mm kit lens
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    Complimentary Colours

    Initially I was hoping the girl in the door would gaze straight ahead or more towards me, as I walked along the street. Then I realized that I didn’t care - it was all about the colours.
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    Street - Black and White

    Antigua, Guatemala - Olympus E-M10 w/14-42mm
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    Street Pics from today

    Antigua, Guatemala
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    People in the Streets with Olympus 45mm f1.8

    From this morning - Streets around the Central Market in El Salvador
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    Travel - Walls, Textures and Colour

    People are my most favourite subject to photograph... ... Walls, Textures and Colour are my second. No better place than Latin American countries for that content. I returned home a couple of hours ago, with this set.
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    A Selection of People Being Themselves

    My method late yesterday afternoon was to restrict myself to two city blocks, about 30 minutes, and capture what I was presented with. Olympus E-M10 w/14-42mm kit lens.
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    Street Pics from my walk home today

    Street Pics from my walk home today
  12. D


    Hi I,m David from Pennsylvania. I have been a pro photographer doing portraiture for the last forty years. I also do documentary and fine art photography as well as paintings. This image was produced with a fuji xpro 1 and processed in lightroom.
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    Mexican Street Photography - B&W

    Although I took a few photos in colour —- my goal for street photography, was to capture only images in Black & White over the next few days that we are visiting Mexico. To accomplish that, I set my camera to Monochrome (B&W) mode with Orange Filter enabled. As usual, my modus operandi is...
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    Some Good Photo Days

    I’ve had a pretty good week photographing around the city of San Miguel in El Salvador. I find it fascinating that while all of the Central American countries I have lived in, have similarities - and most of my photographs reflect the same type of content —— the resulting images are completely...
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    A Good Chuckle

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    Street Photography with Olympus E-M10 and Kit Lens

    Street Photography with Olympus E-M10 and Kit Lens (back to my old style of shooting in Professional P Mode) - wireless file transfer to iPad Air, processed and resized in Snapseed App - uploaded to the forum. What a process. LOL During my hour walk home from UNIVO (University), I zigzagged...
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    No Urinating Here

    El Salvador has started cracking down on garbage being thrown onto the streets, with warning signs being posted all over the countryside. Apparently they are taking a similar approach to Urinating on the Streets (No Orinar Aqui) —- the Penalty for both being $114.29 USD. Although I think I...