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street photography

  1. Asher Kelman

    A Muse in New York!

    So enjoyable when one can meet a stranger and collaborate on many pictures! Here’s Bernadette:
  2. Will Thompson

    Proceed with “CAUTION!”

  3. James Lemon

    Grand Union Cafe

  4. Robert Watcher

    The big city provides me the opportunity for Street pics again

    The big city provides me the opportunity for Street pics again - a very similar vibe and accessibility in Toronto to what I enjoy in Central America with my Street Photography. Walking around a few blocks in Kensington Market this morning
  5. Robert Watcher

    Kit Lens Street Pics

    My most used lens for my street and travel photography over the past years, is my 14-42mm kit lens for my Olympus bodies. I got rid of the one I had earlier this year, and have really been missing it - even though I haven’t been out shooting the streets. This morning I noticed in Facebook...
  6. James Lemon

    My Street Shots

  7. Robert Watcher

    Cool unpublished street photograph

    My purchase of the new MacMini M1 (Silicone) a few weeks ago - along with the addition of a new 27” LG 4K monitor this past week... ...has me revisiting my large collection of travel and street files, in an attempt to find ones that I have never printed or published online before. In fact, I...
  8. James Lemon

    Pet Care

  9. M

    The window people of Austria

    Back in 1985 I was part of a college trip to Europe on the way to an archaeological dig in Jerusalem. As best as I can recall, these photos were taken in Mattsee, Austria. It appears I took these “human studies” from a hotel window as I watched the locals going about their business. And one of...
  10. James Lemon

    Street Portraits

  11. James Lemon

    Any Slice

  12. James Lemon


  13. James Lemon

    Social Happy Meal

  14. James Lemon

    Nice Skirt

  15. James Lemon

    Taking Care Of Business

  16. James Lemon


  17. Robert Watcher

    For Dog Lovers

    Walking along a street yesterday, an open window exposed a bedroom through the swinging blinds. The dog laying on the bed caught my eye.
  18. Robert Watcher

    Filling Doorways

    Wandering around the streets in Mexico yesterday. Olympus EM10 w/45mm f1.8. Wireless transfer to iPad. Processed in Snapseed.
  19. Robert Watcher


  20. Robert Watcher

    Personal Parking Spot

    Tapachula, Mexico street photography - Olympus E-M10 w/14-42mm kit lens