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travel pics

  1. Antonio Correia

    Some photographs from Kenya

  2. Robert Watcher

    Caught a Wave

    Fisherman racing back to shore:
  3. Robert Watcher

    People portraits El Salvador

    Anne and I travelled a few hours to a quaint town north-east of San Salvador, that we have never visited. A real hidden gem. Anne is a artisan with fabric and has been checking all over the country over the last year that we have been living here - to find and purchase yardage fabric called...
  4. Antonio Correia

    Burma 2018 - some photographs

    When I travel I never tag the photos and I am so lazy that I hardly remember all the places we have been to. Shame on me. However, in my next travel I think I will be able to geotag all photographs using the phone and the camera. Then I will be (will I ?) be able to make a route of the way and...
  5. Robert Watcher

    Street Pics from my walk home today

    Street Pics from my walk home today
  6. Robert Watcher

    Some Good Photo Days

    I’ve had a pretty good week photographing around the city of San Miguel in El Salvador. I find it fascinating that while all of the Central American countries I have lived in, have similarities - and most of my photographs reflect the same type of content —— the resulting images are completely...