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  1. M

    My World: Tree silhouette

  2. Chris Calohan

    To Everything, There is a Season...

  3. T

    Old Cottonwood

    Features in a long-familiar landscape can almost assume a personality with the passage of years. Given enough time a sense of intimacy can arise with a fence post, a boulder, or any old object along the trail. Such is the case with this old cottonwood in a nearby prairie remnant. Every passing...
  4. Chris Calohan

    Looking Up

    Infrared R72 Filter, f/9, ISO 100, 30 Sec
  5. P

    Man On Phone and Ficus Tree

    In Parque De Los Perros, Cali, Colombia
  6. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Woodie Hen in Tree

    I love seeing Wood Ducks perching in trees. Don
  7. Don Ferguson Jr.

    Wood Ducks Perched In Tree

    Woodies, you are not supposed to see me. Don
  8. Chris Calohan

    Last Apple Standing

    Last Apple Standing Chris Calohan
  9. A

    Street Color Jacaranda

    A nice old tree in Grafton
  10. D

    The Claw

    The Claw Without my explicit intent, much of my focus over the past year has been on anthropomorphising trees. The above is my latest venture down this avenue. When I have enough of them, I'm thinking of perhaps arranging them together in an exhibition, but of course, since I don't actively...
  11. Cem_Usakligil

    The root of all evil?

    Please let me have your C&C as usual. Thx. :-) The Root of All Evil: Cheers,