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wildlife photography

  1. James Lemon

    Patient Hunter

  2. James Lemon

    Early Morning Hunter

  3. James Lemon

    Another Owl

  4. James Lemon

    Great Grey Owls

  5. James Lemon

    Fast Shutter

    This is at 1/1000 but I don"t know what it would take to freeze those wings?
  6. James Lemon

    Bald Eagle

  7. James Lemon

    Red-Naped Sapsucker

  8. James Lemon

    Eurasian Dove

    Sorry about the shadows but its the best I could do.
  9. James Lemon

    Tree Sparrow

  10. James Lemon

    Common Loon

  11. James Lemon

    Immature Red-Winged Blackbird