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  1. Asher Kelman

    Challenge for Pictures in a Series: Motif or Concept By a Window at Night

    We always take the window as a source of light. At night it can act instead as a mirror! Asher Kelman: “Night Window” Am thrilled to see how much more dimension in can get at night. Find your favorite windows and see what you can capture! Asher
  2. Jarmo Juntunen


  3. Chris Calohan

    Curiosity (a Self Portrait)

  4. Asher Kelman

    View from a Window in the Vatican

    Well, part of my work now is taming my image files. I came across some of my Canon S50 Digicam pictures taken as we passed a window and then resting the camera on a window sill, swept the air with a series of overlapping images. I am happy I re-discovered the image taken at f4.0 at 1/1000 sec...