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19 years old.. .. ..

David J. Eves

New member
And he makes one of these every day .. ..

Ivory & baleen, fossil ivory insets, one flip and it is a completly different bracelet.
reverseable !!

At home, in our tiny shop here in Barrow Alaska @ the Top of the World.

Gorgeous Hearts. Skillfully made .. the hard way, @ home.

We left Point Hope last August, broke on a whim because the Barge operator kept telling us.. get up to Barrow with your Bracelets.

3 highschool droputs making 3 of these every day. They are sold before they are finished.

We have sold over 300 of these since our arrival in Barrow .. ..

Ivory is special stuff. The look, the feel of IVORY,

whoa. !! did you know you can do this yourself and make big bucks right where you are ?

go to my blog > in the search field, type in the word - So Proud

I give step by step info exactly like we do it. and you can do it also !!