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1DSMK3 specs & availability

Nicolas Claris

7.999,00 EUR = 5.434,42 £ (today) = 10.767,12 USD

B&H sales 1DS2 for $6,999.95

less about (depending of countries) 20% VAT

Anyway, let's see what happens in November… some places will be cheaper than others…
Thanks Bart

where did you get this info? (looks not that expensive though still a lot of money!)
It was mentioned in the press release (US$ 7999, EUR 7999 list price), and it is the current list price (incl. 19% VAT) of some major pro dealers in the Netherlands/Benelux, for example:

It is the same price as the 1Ds Mark II at introduction, but I got mine for less within a week by setting a maximum for which they could contact me.


Elliot Silver

New member
I did read somewhere that Canon have modified the mirror to provide EF-S compatibility in sRAW format. Can anyone confirm this, or was it pure speculation?
The following was posted on Northlight-images in reference to future bodies (http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/cameras/Canon_5d2_3d_7d.html):
  • 'The next generation semi-pro Canon cameras will sport a new sRAW mode (called cRAW or "cropped RAW") which programs a FF or 1.3x sensor to behave like a 1.6x sensor. In this mode only the center portion of the image circle is captured. Effectively, the resolution is reduced, but EF-S lenses that are designed for 1.6x cameras can be used.
  • The cRAW mode is expected to provide a smooth transition path from cropped sensor to 1.3x and FF. This will make the upcoming 5DMkII (which has 16mp resolution) operate like a 6.25mp cropped sensor (1.6x) camera, while allowing all EF-S lenses to be used at reduced resolution. The next 1.3x crop semi-pro body will also support EF-S lenses in this way. This is considered to be an important priority for Canon due to the existence of expensive EF-S lenses like 17-55 f2.8 IS.'
I don't know what his source was.


Ray West

New member
But, if you can afford the memory space, cropping in post may give slightly more pixels, and a wider choice of format - landscape, square, portrait, I guess.

Best wishes,