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3d.... first steps into the future of photography or a gimmick?

I am interested to learn about what others think about it.

Sony with the Alpha 55 has brought out a prosumer camera with their new SLT based mirror less design, which I consider an interesting concept with pros and cons. The same camera is capable to shoot 3d pictures that can be displayed on a Sony Bravia television and equipped with the googles you can 'marvel' at the final result.

I must say, I have not had a chance to see the final product, but I think it is fair to say this is technology in it's infancy, although around in one form or the other since many years already.

Now the marketing yuppies in the industry decided to launch a full attack on tired consumers with the 3d initiative, so there is no way around it, 3d is here to stay, although I am personally convinced that this is nothing but an interim step before true holographic systems will become mainstream, Apple being probably one of the avant-garde players of the future.

But what implications does that have for 'our' business models.

Take virtual tours as an example. Not long ago this was a special field where only a handful of people invested time, money and brains. Today every Joe Soap can buy a robot for a handful of bucks and can create virtual pano tours. Some do it rather sloppy, others very well, but what once was a niche where one could consider to move and offer a product, it is quickly turning into mainstream, and I am convinced this will also find a way into the future of software implemented in cameras.

Back in the days, when I was shooting with an Olympus E1, I predicted that HDR will be implemented in cameras in the future, today we have that a reality.

When the first photographic devices were developed and marketed, Paris was hit with a wave of unemployment, ten-thousands of street artists lost their job.

Are we facing a similar extinction event in photography as we know it?

With the development of holographic displays and technology, I am convinced this will be the case in the future, but this is a good while to go.

So what will be future developments that change photography as we know it. Is 3d the first step into this future? I think so. Pressure of marketing industry yuppies creating consumer demand will be the main driving factor in the beginning.

My thought is, what might be considered a gimmick by now, could easily transform the entire industry. Richard Attenborough is in the process to create a full feature 3d film and the technology used is mind blowing. The camera they use is operated by 4 people, changing a lens takes half an hour.... early days!