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4/3rds Lumix

Colin Jago

New member
Well, this seems to be a quiet little corner so I thought I would start badgering you all about 4/3rds kit :)

I'd like to hear from anyone who has managed to get hold of a Lumix L1 - what they think of the production quality and so on.

Also has anybody got a reliable European launch date? I know the camera is available in Japan and has a US launch date, but Panasonic UK either don't know or won't tell about the UK or Europe.


Tom Yi

New member
Hi Colin,
As for release dates, I've no idea.
As for the camera itself, it's got the same sensor as the Oly E-330, so image quality should be idenitcal when shot in RAW as they seem to have their own processing algorhythms.
The lenses are actually made by Sigma.
So basically this Panasonic will have a CCD by Oly and lenses by Sigma...
Funny world we live in.
Here is a test of the Oly on dpr and a preview of the Leica on dpr.
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
To cover this growing interest, I have accepted the kind offer of the first of a set of articles on the 4/3 system.

Please let me know if there any others to be brought into this discussion. When the list of fora are looked at in the coming weeks, as we merge some, I'd consider separate 2/3 forum if there was interest.


Colin Jago

New member
Usability and roboustness


I understand the point about the imaging chain components (except the standard lens) being the same as the E-330. My question is more about build quality and ergonomics. The E-330 is "just acceptable" in these regards.

As you say, the major components are being supplied by somebody else. That means that what Panasonic are adding are the usabilty and robustness factors. In all our excitement about the way that technology is changing photography these are sometimes neglected.

It is an interesting experiment - more traditional controls and all that - hence my question about whether anybody has got hold of a real (not pre-production) one.


Tom Yi

New member
I haven't seen a test of a production version, but dpreview seems to beat everyone, so it might be worth to check there on a regular basis.

Tom Yi

New member
It seems like an interesting camera. Some things concern me, first it seems a bit big, second is the $1999 price with the lens. I'm not sure if it may overpriced. I guess we'll soon findout.

Ben Rubinstein

pro member
I was interested in the camera, DIALS! SWITCHES! I've never liked having to press a button and twiddle a dial to get to a setting, in that I miss using my Elan II's that had dials/switches for most everything.

However although the design looks good, the lenses are far too large for the body, if you want to make a leica lookalike then at least make the lenses in proportion, that huge thing makes the camera look like it's hanging off the lens not the other way round, an unusual state of affairs for a non telephoto!

What is with the tiny histogram, you can't read anything from that!

There were several things that lit off big warning flags when I read the review on DPReview which leads me to think that the camera design (the bit that is a camera) is great but the whole thing is let down by a sub standard sensor, especially for the performace and price, too large lenses and a really crappy 'digital' implementation.

So my two pentax limited pancakes are on the way soon to be joined by the 70mm pancake when it's released and I'm waiting with baited breath for the K10D while wondering just how long it will be before I give up on my 5D and huge and heavy kit for this tiny and beautiful package for everything, not just street work and for use as a 'carry everywhere' combo.

Kyle Nagel

New member
Yes, I too await eagerly for the K10D (or what ever it's called), to be released, I already have the money waiting in my savings account! I just hope it's worth the wait. You'll have to give me the low-down on the 70mm pancake after you've had a chance to use it. I may have to pick one up myself.