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A Washington, DC economist. Really.

James Masi

New member
What's that old adage? Put 12 economists in a room and you'll get 13 opinions? Well, I'll be your opinionated economist posting in the forums. You have been warned. ;-)

Please excuse any overtly political statements or snipes. While I will try to contain myself, depending on my level of disgust on a given day it might just boil over. Let me apologize now.

Generally speaking, I won't open my mouth unless I think I know what I'm talking about.

Actually, I'm not really working as an economist anymore. I'm more of a business consultant out trying to get new technologies off the ground and into the market.

20 years ago my real desire was to go to SVA or Parsons to study photography (after studying it in High School with a wacked-out, Italian hippie), but wound up at Columbia instead. I am increasingly sure that I made the wrong choice.

So yes, I am an enthusiatic and capable amatuer limited only by time and my fairly esoteric equipment choices.

I have not made the full jump to digital yet. You see, I have Contax equipment and have been condemed by inept business mangement and exceptionally short-sighted business decision-making (Kyocera, you know who you are). Since I was asked to describe my equipment, I have an Contax N Digital (with 5 lenses), which can only be called a "glorious failure". It however, is much better (for it's time) than is commonly believed due to the worst possible marketing, PR, promotion, and product support and committment. There is also an N1 which really gets used more, and the Contax G2 (really a stunning performer) with 6 great lenses. There is a Contax 645 and 6 or 7 lenses. I bought into the whole grand modern Contax system that boasted compatibility between the 645, the N1 and the N Digital. I sold/trade-in nearly all my manual focus C/Y Contax system to buy into it (only to later have Kyocera pull out the rug from underneath) I still think it is a system concept that makes alot of sense, and am waiting for Zeiss and some new partner to bring it back. I am increasingly using my Mamiya 7II. I also have a couple 4x5's (Canham and Toyo), a bunch of estoeric lenses, inculding that Voigtlander 15mm Ultra-Wide Heliar on a Bessa L that is such fun to play with (if only to get a reaction out of some pro weighted down with a 1D and a pair of f2.8 zooms at a political event). So, there is no Canon or Nikon stuff (not even Pentax or Minolta). Quite clearly, a freak in this day and age.

My "darkroom", however is all digital. 2 Epson printers (7600 and R1800) and 3 scanners. And I have a fridge stuffed with film.

I am encouraged by this new forum. It really does, explictly even, ty to address some of the issues, problems and concerns raised by other forums over the last few years. Members postings aren't stolen for commerical gain, the name Canon isn't plastered all over the main page, it so far doesn't seem to be captured by commerical equipment promotion interests, and doesn't have a bunch of fanboys constantly proclaiming how Canon "rocks" or how film is "so dead". Very promising. I am looking forward to it.

A hearty "well done" to the founders.
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Doug Kerr

Greetings, m. le Biogon,

Welcome aboard.

I love your nom de guerre, even though I personally favor the members here using their ""human" (and maybe even "real") names.

So, like the other famous Biogon, are your pupils displaced?

I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,