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Abstract Portraits in my new exhibition

I have a new exhibition here in my suburb, in a big and now empty shop. It is called "Memories in Music" as it contains portraits of singers that has been singing my songs, recorded for fun in my home as test for different project/bands. Then I have made abstract portraits based on the images I took of the singers. Between each portrait is information about each artist and a link to media players so everyone can listen to what was sung in my home.

As I also recorded myself ( as my alter egos Little Jimmy Stevens and Wade Birdie Johnson ), I am also featured =) This is a selfie, and then arranged in many different ways to get my own created fonts to shape my face. Strange idea but fun.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I am so impressed. I would love to see the detail and how Pelle approached the abstraction!

Are there more pictures from the exhibition?

Do we get to listen to the music?

I think you should 3D print it! I'd rather see actual physical letters in space than 3D modeling. My feeling is that the underlying photo is too rigidly assertive on the overall effect. Looks too much like making art marks on top of a photo on an iPad. This is a real problem with digital art. It makes this stuff so easy. Don't be afraid to let the letters go outside the exact lines of the photo-a little I really like the idea of using letters (especially your own font) as modeling material. I would like to see the letters occurring in the frame as text or by themselves as well as in the face. The lit face itself could use basic tone progressions . The underlying shadow tone is too dark, and light is too light. Look at a white egg on black velvet. If you squint-look at how close the light is to the shadow.

Everybody should see a DVD called "The Mystery of Picasso" filmed by I think Claude Renoir, Jean Renoir's son. It "animates" in real time Picasso drawing. What is astonishing is Picasso's fearlessness in obliterating his own work to allow something better to come out of the rubble. He starts working when most of us are done! It is inspiring to see how relentless the great ones were (and this includes Jimi Hendrix, Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Cezanne (110 sittings for a single portrait)
Now the exhibitions is over, and it has been a great time for me.

Here is a close up of my eyes.

Here is the poster for the exhibition, Memories In Music, with another selfie.

Besides the portraits I also did some art of titles of some songs I have written.
This one can be hard to see what it is, but the title is Someone Got His Hands Full of My Wife =)

Here are some songs from the exhibition.

The empty store where the short exhibition took place, is a 70 year old business here in Hökarängen ( Hawks Meadow in english =) ) . So it was kind of touching when the owner Lasse ( called Ironman, as it was that kind of store, tools and stuff from the 50s and so on ), was going to close the store, for the the last time.

Here he is in the great premises.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I like the idea of totally commanding a “Universe” in a composition. Like this amazing new work:


Of course, for there to be any chance of anyone else comprehending, one has to start with objects and motifs folk can recognize.

Some folk may ask “What does this mean?”

I think the artist instead beckons,

“Stranger, come visit. I beg you, wander in my garden.... with or without your burdens and jewelry.”

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