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Alain Briot Alumni Rendez Vous

Alain Briot

pro member
The Alain Briot Alumni Rendez Vous is a yearly event during which previous Alain Briot workshop participants get together for 5 days of sharing and photography. Each participants presents their work during a 15 to 30 minutes session. At sunrise and sunset we leave the classroom for field photography. You can find more details of this event at this link:

If you have not attended one of my workshops yet here is the link to my current workshop openings:

And here are photographs of the 2019 Alumni Rendez Vous participants:

Mike proudly presenting his work during the 2019 Rendez Vous:

Bob proudly showing his 2019 Master Class work during the 2019 Rendez Vous:

Diane proudly presenting her work and explaining the importance of finding an overlook named after her

Luc explaining details of his work during the 2019 Rendez Vous:

Terry proudly showing his work during the 2019 Rendez Vous:

Rafting down the San Juan River during the 2019 Rendez Vous:

Alain in river rafting field clothing during the 2019 Rendez Vous. Photograph by Natalie Briot.

The 2019 Alain Briot Alumni Rendez Vous (not all participants are visible as some were seated behind me). Thank you to all who attended. You made this event a success! We will be announcing the next Rendez Vous soon. Let us know here or over email if you want to attend:alain@beautiful-landscape.com

Alain Briot

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Wonderful to have such meetings and one’s peers to discuss the recent work! From what I can see a lot of creativity.

Do they bring the files and print at the workshop or are the already printed?


Alain Briot

pro member
Students bring prints to the Rendez Vous. Some students also mat their work. The Summit (in Death Valley this year) is where we print during the event.

Alain Briot

pro member
Very nice presentation photos Alain. Could you tell us please what is the cost of your workshop?
This year was $1695. The cost of the next one may be diferent. We will know for sure when we announce it. However, you need to be an Alumni. Did you attend a workshop with me previously?

Alain Briot

pro member
Peter would certainly fit in as he is accomplished to a high level! But I guess, rules are rules!

Yes. As the name implies the Alumni Rendez Vous is a Rendez Vous (French for getting together) of Alumni. It is also an advanced workshop which requires the knowledge shared in our regular workshops. Attending any of our workshops will qualify for participation in the Rendez Vous. This also gives new students the opportunity to become familiar with my approach to photography. We want to prevent having someone we never met attend only to discover they do not see eye to eye with my approach to art and teaching! We don't want someone to assume I carry a baguette under one arm and a bottle of wine under the other, or worse that I do not manipulate my photographs! By limiting it to Alumni we know we are all on the same page, that we have similar artistic goals and that we are sharing our work with like-minded people.

It is also important to mention that a print presentation and review is part of all my workshops. This provides an opportunity for new students to show their work, have it reviewed and share it with workshop participants. The difference is that work is shared among people who just met each other while during the Rendez Vous work is shared among people who have met previously and know each other.
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