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Alain Briot Spring and Fall 2010 Workshops

Alain Briot

pro member
Here are the Spring and Fall 2010 taught by Natalie and I:

1 - Spring 2010 Antelope Workshop
1 seat due to cancellation

2 - Zion, Bryce, Escalante, Capitol Reef Workshop: Only 1 seat left
4 National Parks and a focus on Light and composition to refine your artistic and technical skills.


3 - Fall 2010 Antelope Workshop: Only 2 seats left
Study color, light and composition in one of the most amazing locations anywhere in the world. Build your artistic and technical skills and learn to visualize photographs to develop a personal style:

4 - Route 66 Workshop: 4 seats left
A unique workshop focused on creativity and National Parks: Petrified Forest and Grand Canyon

5 - Mono Lake and Eastern Sierra Workshop: Only 2 seats left
Photograph the beauty of the Eastern Sierra Nevada area in Fall colors!

6 - The Fine Art Photography Summit in Moab, Utah:
Uwe Steinmueller, Mac Holbert and myself team up to offer you a unique event during which we each give 3 unique presentations on Fine Art photography. During the Summit you also photograph, process your photographs and print them under the 1 on 1 supervision and guidance of Uwe, Mac and I. All the details of our presentations, and of our itinerary, are at this link:

You save $200 if you register now. Don't delay.

Alain Briot


Well-known member
Hi Alain,

All too tempting but alas I won't come to USA this year. I hope you'll fill all the seats and wish you and the participants a lot of fun and success during the workshops.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Alain,

All too tempting but alas I won't come to USA this year. I hope you'll fill all the seats and wish you and the participants a lot of fun and success during the workshops.

I can attest to the value of getting Alain's ideas, knowledge of landscapes, and art (and when it's together with Uwe's insights and experience with Photoshop tonal mapping, even better). Also, the other photographers attending these workshops are themselves stimulating and open up new possibilities by sharing images and discussing such different approaches.

I think this is a good investment in oneself and should be fun!


Disclosure: zip, nothing to disclose, just have experienced first hand.

Alain Briot

pro member
Thank you Asher and Cem,

I forgot to mention that OpenPhotographyForum members get $100 off all of our workshops. Just mention you are an OPF member when registering.

Also, you can get 40 of my essays in PDF format free by subscribing to my free monthly newsletter. The link is at the top of the pages on my site:


Several of these free essays are chapters from my books.