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Angel-inWaiting Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood California

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
In one evening I photographed people on Hollywood Blvd. The light was going, so I chose ISO 800 on the 5D and used the 24-105L at f5.6 with a speed of 1/20 sec. Fortunately there's Image Stabilization!

We couldn't miss the folk that seemed to have come from another time and place, like the Amish had been transported to Hollywood Blvd. The people were singers. The men were dressed mostly in dark clothes and the women in what I might call "peasant attire" that one would see in films of Eastern European the time of World War II.

Anyway, the people war waiting. The adults chatted while the children, mystified by all the lights and throngs of strangely dressed people around them waited, almost like little dear, caught in headlights. The children were not frightened nor badly behaved. They seem to have been dressed up as if to go to church on Sunday. One girl with braids caught my eye as she became lost in her own personal world and apparently left the street, the neon lights and noise of this Hollywood street to be a child, dreaming.

So here is my one snapshot for the challenge:


Angel in Waiting Hollywood © Asher Kelman 2006

Could you try your hand at rendering it into a finished picture!

Treat her with respect, but choose any rendering you wish to make this picture angelic.