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In Perspective, Planet: Any pictures of “Netting Of Trees and Hedges”?

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Netting is a practice, at least in the U.K. Used by developers and conglomerates owning natural landscape to block wildlife from nesting.




This allows them a greater freedom in removing at a whim, the trees and hedgerows, so essential for biodiversity and sustaining natural ecosystems!

This is at a time when there has been a sustained drop in migrating birds to the UK because the over wintering places in and around the Sahara have dried up and in addition the UK is down anyway some 50 million birds!

Does this practice occur in areas you have travelled?

What effects are seen in other locations besides the U.K. If it can occur so obviously in the planet-conscious upright British Isles, then perhaps it’s used justcat tgectimevof nesting in other areas too!

I know where we are, removing any grown tree required petmission, nests or no nests!

I support that!

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Well I found there are such businesses here in the USA,

Corporate Office:
Avian Enterprises, LLC
221 Ocean Grande Boulevard Suite 801
Jupiter, Florida 33477

Sales, Manufacturing & Distribution:
Avian Enterprises, LLC
2000 Pontiac Dr.
Sylvan Lake, MI 48320

that help Golf Courses, Developments and “Recreation Areas” prevent nesting and keep away natural wildlife!

Raptors to frighten them, not so bad, perhaps:


But what stuns me is the crazy practice, like seen in Britain of using plastic nets or steel wire to fence out nesting birds!


Am I quaint and out of my senses, or is this an iniquity and most evil?

I ask you for your reactions and feedback!

I must admit I was astonished!


Maggie Terlecki

Active member
I have not seen this here before. I didn't even know it existed elsewhere. Where I live, you need permission to remove a tree, even if it is in your yard.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

It’s like companies set up to get average nice kids of the sulerich into McGill, Harvard, Yale or USC. An industry grows to help skirt the regulations.

So it could take, legally, 2 years to remove 5 Oak trees which prevent joining two valuable lots. So while the cases go through the courts, the developers want no nests there so that in the Environmental Impact study, when the number of nests are counted as zero!

These new companies are thriving in the U.K. and the USA and are so successful. They have extended it from trees to hedgerows. Besides being a visual blight, it’s removing the last survival refuges for key players in the ecosystems wild animals need to survive.

Also imagine the effect on mosquitoes and flowering plants and crops when the insects have less threat from the sky gobbling up tons of them every day!


Maggie Terlecki

Active member
On the boulevard at the end of my street, there was discussion (several years ago) of removing the trees because they had been badly cut and were ill. We actually had town meetings and people did bring up the fact that they were homes for birds etc., and finally, it was decided to bring in a tree doctor to see what could be done to keep as many as possible. They did take out 2 trees and have replaced them with young trees but the fact that taking them all out would be like kicking people out of their homes, saved the others. Seeing this netting is disturbing. It looks awful and is so nature unfriendly! Gah! Maggie

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Maggie, thanks for your observations!

I did a little research and found this company in Canada This company in Canada that supplies nets for agriculture. They have nets for deer, vineyard protection, anything you can imagine.

It also has a 3/4” mesh, 50dt x 100ft for wrapping trees to stop nesting!

The City of Victoria has a problems with nesting starlings messing up parked cars. So they are inaugurating a systematic program of netting the City trees!

So the practice has indeed spread to mother Canada, which prides itself in protecting the vulnerable. Go figger!