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Based on last wooden grain elevator in Superior, Wisconsin


Agggh! Work got in the way of photography. But I'm back with a new image.

I'm not sure even what I'm looking at here, but the myriad textures and tunnel-like shapes contrasting with the trees and the even more disparate foreground makes me keep coming back to this. It has a baffling effect on me in that I want to resolve it into "real" 3-dimensional things, and it can't be.

Excellent and very original work. Thanks for sharing.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing. I gather this image has been derived from another. I'd love to see the original. The site has a lot of interesting textures which I'd think might be most interesting in black and white.

The color palette seems to be that one might choose for a children's story book.

Thanks for the kind comments, Charles. The perspective is impossible, as you point out, including a variant on a drawing of three cubes by Reutersvard. It's too bad that the small file size on the site precludes the finer detail from appearing (the shapes on the leaves of the tree, for example).

Asher, the undoctored scanned photo from which the wooden structure was made is below.

I cropped it, combined six perspectives symmetrically to make a tower with roof, and proceeded from there. The background tree and foreground are from the same vicinity as the wooden grain elevator that was undergoing demolition. A lady called Eve with the demolition company told me the elevator dated from 1878 and another demolition worker said that some of the wooden beams still wept. Maybe the building wept for its own demise or because of the ending of an era. Hence the 'enchanted' childrens' story book framework and coloring. But no prince will come to kiss that era to life again.