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Bass harbor

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Ron,

I like the new buch of images you have posted.

The lighthouse picture seems cropped too much as we don't have the luxurious context of the water or from the land of the country landscape.

The 3rd picture id wonderful as is. I love the way the pier leads us out to the center of the picture. Another piece of the landscape to the right might have been more powerful. It's often an idea to swing the camera slightly to left and right to get potential view to added to that wonderful view.


Ron Morse

New member
None of the lighthouse shots were cropped. This is as far back as I could get from it and get a shot. It is hidden from view anywheres else unless you are in a boat.

I probably should have used my CP filter on these. I paid around $200 for it and only used it once. The time I used it I made a total mess so gave up until I could practice with it. I forgot that I had it until I looked at these.

If I went back anymore I would end up in here.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

The tonalities of the last picture are wonderful. Water can be easily blown out in the highlights or undetailed and dark. You have a good exposure. I might suggest always sweeping the camera from more of the right to beyond the left, taking reserve overlapping pictures, even though you may not think you need it. Why?

I believe that today, the ideas we had in pure film days, were limited by the physicality of the film medium. We couldn’t easily overcome the fact that without a lot of effort, a composition was pretty well made at the time of pressing the shutter, except the telephoto lenses on the Leica rangefinder cameras, where the framing is not 100% predictable.

Here, however, the extra pictures cost zero and then at home, we can reassess our vision and have had time to dream a little more about the scene.

Perhaps no different framing decision will be made sitting in front of the monitor. Here, however, I'd wager that you could look at the marvelous colors and tonal range of that picture call for being extended in both directions.

When one has skies and water like that, we need to get as much documented for later work. I challenge the view that we MUST decide at the scene. Not now, not necessarily.

A scene like this is so impressive, we need to first save it, then afterwards just get lost inside it and relate it to all one's senses.

I love your choice of scenes.


Diane Fields

New member
The Bass Harbor lighthouse is really extremely difficult to photograph. I went down below and photographed it from the rock shore this Fall---probably not possible to do that this time of year.
This was processed in an 'illustrative' style (I'm going to go back and reprocess some of my Maine photos) but you can see from where I shot--and was lucky enough to capture a sail boat going around the point.

Ron Morse

New member
You must have gone over to the left beyond the no trespassing signs to get down their. I thought about it but would have had to climb over the piles of snow from the snow plow and I don't think it would have very safe with the rocks covered in snow up near the top.

Nice shot. I will have to try to get some of the lighthouses this summer.

Who is Harvey? I did have a grandfather named Harvey and I have his blonde hair. And at almost 64 its still blonde.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

There you are, catching me out! I was checking several posts when a guy dropped by asking about a shoot and I was distracted. Harvey?

This is Harvey's post, but I didn't call him Ron, LOL!