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Brass From the Past

This is a piece that belonged to my Mother-in-law that I find very interesting. She is one of my biggest fans and loves looking at my flower photographs. I thought she would get a kick out of this one because she had this piece herself for so long in her life. All I really know about it is the artist's name was Ivan and my in-laws had it for over 50 years. It reminds me a lot of the things my mother used to have in our home when I was very young. Late 50's and early 60's saw a lot of this kind of "art" and it brings back some fond memories for me.

This particular shot at first concerned me. You can see the different horizontal lines in the background paper and the different shades produced in each and I was not quite sure if I liked it. It's a little strange and I hope not too distracting. In the end, it actually ended up being what I liked the most in the photo. To me it seems to work well with the verticle aspect of the flowers and their shadows.

This was actually another long exposure "light painting" experimental shot. Nikon D3 with 105mm macro lens. f/11 5 second exposure. I took in a completely dark room and when the shutter opened for the 5 second exposure I turned on my little led maglight very briefly to light the flowers and cast the background shadow. I would be interested in what others think about a subject such as this and whether it would be worth more study. I happen to think it would or could.
James Newman


james sperry

New member
that is wierd ... wierd in a good way of course!!

the shadows even have depth to them. almost 3d like.

i like how the light reflects off the piece itself accenting the texture. it has an undescribable depth that i (personally) have never seen.

when i put the story with the photograph, i imagine the shadow representing the memories of past and the piece itself representing memories to come. (lol .... i'm kind of wierd like that, just ignore me).

i'm drawn to this photo like a moth to light!!! i like this.

james sperry

New member
have you done any of these and moved the light source during your exposure to see what the effects were like? if so, please share!!!

we have to hide this from my wife. i'm sure she will be thrilled to know what else i'm interested in!! j/k.
From one James to another, thank you very much. Unlike the Cala Lily, this flower will never die so I will have ample opportunity to try something different. For now, this is all I came away with that evening. It did take a few test shots to get the flashlight held in the right place to put the shadows where I wanted them. It's challenging too having to hold the light in one hand, press the shutter which was on a 2 second delay, then turn the light on and off again at the right time and place. I was lucky it only took a few tries.
James Newman