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Bulk Resize Photos for Web Display

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
I figure there may be benefit to posting this video that I just made to help out my website clients who need to keep image dimensions and file size down with images they upload to their website. Those same issues need to be addressed with posting pics here on the forum as well. Now this video is specific to iOS tablets and phones, but in the description below I also mention a good free option for windows or Mac desktop computers.


There are online services and Apps (free ones have annoying nag screens and generally only work on one image at a time) available for resizing and converting photos. However the best options for bulk resizing are dedicated programs like the free https://www.xnview.com/en/xnconvert/ for use on Windows or Mac desktop.

Being that many people take their pics on their phone these days, it is so practical to be able to resize the photos right there, so they can simply upload them straight to the web. For use with an iPhone, Bulk Resizing of Photos can be handled easily and FREELY using the camera or tablets built in Shortcuts APP.

I provide the easy to follow steps involved in creating and using a Shortcut that will handle this task for you. A bonus of using the shortcut as a Share function, is that virtually any App that might use for editing or formatting photos, can benefit by exporting them out to the Shortcut that you have create. I personally love the FREE Snapseed App (for both Android and iOS), and so this way I can do all of my cropping, colour corrections, and other manipulations, and then Click Export and Share and look for my Resize Shortcut to create a properly sized file ready for uploading to the web.

I really like Saving my files to my iCloud account, so that I have access to those files on all of my devices at any time. (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone)