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Candids in Vagator

Rajan Parrikar

pro member
From my photo essay Candids in Vagator.

My niece enjoying the atmosphere:




fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Rajan, sensitively captured.

I can feel the breeze. Smell the sea. Indeed a refreshing place; place for zen.


Rajan Parrikar

pro member
Did she know your were photographing her? I'd consider wider views as in your second picture. Even with her gestures and position, the context can be helpful.

This is a great idea to go forward with. I hope you do more.



No, she didn't know I was shooting her. (Neither did any of my other subjects.) It was a great joy watching the spontaneous antics of a little girl taking joy in the great outdoors.

Yes, a wider angle would have been desirable. However, I set out that evening with the ZE 50 f/2 MP on one body and the EF 135L on the other, and didn't have a choice.