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Canon 400mm 2.8L Lens for Sale

Jonny Carroll

New member
Canon 400mm 2.8L Lens for Sale

I'm selling my 400mm 2.8L IS. Asking $4500

Love this thing, I just haven't used it enough, but when I have, it's served me very well. It's a fixed Canon 400 mm f/2.8 There is average visible wear and tear on the exterior, but the lens elements are flawless. It works great, serviced recently and the focus is sharp and fast! This is an older model of the lens. I honestly don't know which generation, or how many canon has put out, but if you're aware of these things, hopefully the photos will let you know. It performs!
2.8 f/2.8L image stabilization lens.

You can see more photos and a few sample here:

Call or email me. I will not check the forums, as I'm posting this a few different places. If it's sold, I will do my best to update this thread, but for sure the gallery description will have the word "SOLD" on it. Also check the gallery for updated pricing

Jonny Carroll - jc@dtxphoto.com - 972-979-1508. I'm located in Arlington, TX and willing to ship. Buyer will pay shipping costs.
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I sold my Nikkor AF-S 400mm f2.8 some months ago (just before last summer's Olympics), due to the same reason... It was not getting enough use, but I know all these super fast telephotos are amazing lenses... 400's are much different to 300's than the focal length suggests, they are designed with teleconverter in mind and practically the buyer gets anything up to 800 f5.6 with insignificant to consider loss of quality at full aperture when the TC is attached that none would care about! I believe that's the case with the Canon too... The only (inevitable) disadvantage those lenses have is bulk. Never the less, IMO 400 f2.8 is the most valuable out of all ultra long lenses, because one can retain the speed of the longer ones (560 f4 & 800 f5.6) without extra bulk and with at least 90% of the optical performance at full aperture.
Great for astrophotographers too... and more flexible than some telescopes due to the TC compatibility (not to mention the performance), once I lend mine to an astrophotographer to use on an APS-c Canon camera with the TC-20III attached and my Kenko DGX pro 1.4x being stacked to the Nikkor TC for an amazing 1792mm f11 FF equivalent, with great results at full aperture! I believe that an additional advert on an astrophotographer site or magazine, would let more possible buyers to know for the availability of such a masterpiece.