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Cf Crash???

José Chorão

New member

I need help for a error in a Compact Flash...
I use a Nikon D100 with a CF Silicon Power 512MB.
Last saturday acuse first a error (CHA)... afther to take near 50 or 60 pictures.
I insist and they acuse a mensage (This card can be read)
In my pc don't reconize the card...
So i can recovery any picture...

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi José and welcome to you!

Where are you located and what is your mother tongue? That might make it easier as we might have someone right near you who can help you out!

Anyway, I do not use a Nikon or know the errot (CHA). Someone else may.

Very often software can recover the disk. Do you have error recovery software?

What card reader are you using?

We need to find you PC repair software. I use a Mac and that's no good for you.

Does the CF card even appear on your PC desktop?


José Chorão

New member
CF Crash

Tanks for...

The problem is not the software, is hardware (????) becose the PC not reconaise the card.

I have recover softare.

I open the card and see 2 or 3 pins broken??, so the card don´t recive power.

If i can restaure the pins...??? go tray the recover software i hope.

Soon i put the photos of the card for the people see...

Tanks ...

José Chorão

José Chorão

New member
Compac flash crash

Yes, pins of the card (CF).
Who? Don´t now??!!

See the pictures...

A friend try to put the pins well... I hope...
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