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Changes to Panoguide

Penny Wang

New member
Panoguide has not had any major changes or new developments for a couple of years now, and I am pleased to say that is about to change. The reason for the lack of innovation is that I have found it increasingly difficult to find the time to look after and develop panoguide further. (For those of you that did not know, Panoguide has been a hobby for me and never made it into being a full time job.)

Anyway all that is about to change as I have found a company eager to take on Panoguide, maintain the independent forum, and develop it further alongside their other products - Tour Wrist. The team at Tour Wrist will be making a separate announcement of their own shortly to introduce themselves as the new owners.

I will still be involved and you can still contact me through my members page here and no doubt by searching for me on google etc.